Our Story

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Our website first started out as a blog, Confessions from the 2A Ranch Wife and was told through the eyes of the Mrs.- Jessica Anderson. Since then a lot has changed!!!  A few moves, hundreds of more cattle, a new little Cow Boss added to the herd and the list goes on. 
Today, instead of just sharing stories we also get to share with you our ranch direct beef.  A project we are so proud of.  We not only raise commercial cattle but are privileged to share our product and story with families across the United States.  Our story may be a little different then the generational ranches- but one thing we have so much of is a love and passion for the industry.  
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Below is how all the magic started!
Jessica is married to her one true love Spencer.  They met back in college and since then have been attached at the hip ever since.  With a love for horses, a yearning for cattle and its way of life, and her partner in crime by her side, Jessica set out and was a high school agriculture teacher for 7 years. 
After moving to Nevada, she took a position with the University Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension as a program educator.  Jessica has a passion for interacting with people, educating, and encouraging others to achieve their goals.  Not to mention a lover of animals, a passion for cooking, a traveling rodeo gypsy at heart, and born shop-a-holic! Oh and we can’t forget how much she loves to brand calves in the spring time!  She may not have grown up in the cattle or ranching world, but from very early on in life she knew that was where her heart is.  Jessica also has a Masters of Beef Advocacy 2.0 certificate and is passionate about encouraging all she meets in learning more about the agriculture and beef industry.
Spencer, as she likes to refer to him as “Cow Boss” or “Grand Wizard” is her partner in crime.  They say cowboys are born and not made- that is for sure with Mr. Anderson.  From before he could walk he always knew he was and wanted to be a cowboy.  In California he was a certified farrier and managed a few cattle herds.  He knew there was more for him out there in the great unknown.
And if he and his lady were ever going to own their own cow herd, they would have to set their eyes to bigger country.  In 2015 Spencer took that single step and signed on as the Cow Boss for large cow calf operation in Nevada.  A year later his bride joined him in Nevada and in a few short months Anderson Cattle Company was born.
Spencer and Jessica have a fiery passion for cattle, agriculture, and its way of life.  From early mornings to late nights, it is in their blood.  They may be first generation cattle ranchers, but they sure have their eyes set on ranching for generations to come.  With an unwavering love for the land and livestock we plan to one day give up our town jobs and solely operate Anderson Cattle Company.  It can’t go without mentioning the appreciation for their family and friends who have been so instrumental to helping them along the way.  It takes a village, and their  village is pretty special!
The future is unknown, but as for the Anderson’s they plan to continue writing the pages in their book called life.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!