Anderson Cattle Company

Meet our 2A Cattle
Currently the 2A brand is home for a happy, healthy, and thriving cow-calf operation.  We purchased our ladies in early 2017.  This has been a dream of ours since we first met, in 2006.  With over 20 years of raising and managing cattle for other ranches, it was time to embark on our own journey. We are proud to say, we currently offer Angus and Angus cross beef calves for your consideration. 
Our management and production practices include attention to detail, hybrid vigor, careful EPD consideration, and more.  All of our calves are age and source verified along with being certified as Verified Natural, GAP Step 4 and Non-Hormone Treated Cattle.  We also follow the 4 Step GAP,  Global Animal Partnerships certification guidelines.  These certifications are met by a verified USDA third party verification program, by IMI Global. Visit GAP for more certified verification information.
Our operation entails a vaccination protocol, excellent mineral and supplement program, along with a growth and hormone free environment.  We strive to deliver the best product we can to the consumer.  We sell our calves at a healthy weaning weight and age.  They will be back grounded, vaccinated, and bunk broke.  We utilize low stress cattle handling and protocols in our procedures that align with the Beef Quality Assurance program.  Anderson Cattle Company is also Beef Quality Assurance Certified, visit to learn more.
Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our calves for your feeder/stocker operation.
In addition to selling feeder calves, we also offer ranch direct beef.  Some of our feeder calves we retain ownership of.  They will then be turned out on grass for an additional 5-7 months and later fed a grass and grain diet for the last finishing 90-120 days.  Our grass and grain finished cattle are part of our ranch direct 2A Beef program.  Enjoy home grown beef, antibiotic and hormone free, processed in a USDA certified facility, delivered straight to your door.  Visit our 2A Beef page to learn more.   
New in 2019: Custom boxed beef cuts and educational offerings from our ranch to your table.  Sign-up for our newsletter which features all the latest information.  Be the first to know when to order your custom cuts- quantity will be limited! Feel free to contact us with any questions!