Imposter Syndrome: The Real Beef Deal

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Episode 8 Impostor Syndrome: The Real Beef Deal

Episode 8 on the podcast is all about real beef vs. fake beef. Tune-in to give it a listen. To help you follow along since we discuss A TON of statistics and numbers, here you can find the handouts we refer too!

Impostor Syndrome…… Ever heard of it?

Let’s break it down a bit. The word Impostor- meaning to be something your not. And Syndrome being a condition characterized by a set of conditions. So we have this conditions where things appear as they aren’t……. Now as a Social Media junkie myself, this idea of Impostor Syndrome can feel all to familiar. The need to show up 24/7 with the perfect pictures, perfect content, perfect etc. #exhausting Trust me, I absolutely get it. It can be just plain tough.

Now lets take this idea of Impostor Syndrome and apply it to beef???? Say Whaaaa? Yup, we are talking about things that are “appearing ” to be beef but at the end of the day just AREN”T. You are probably already familiar with this idea- how about Almond Milk??? Hard to find the milk in an almond. And hey- I’ve drank it myself. I could go on and on, but as an ag industry we are up against tough times.

Before I jump in with both feet, let me preface this, to each is own. Wherever you fall on the meat loving to vegetarian scale, I respect YOUR choices. If your a dairy consumer or oat milk lover, you do you!

Today, I merely want to debunk some of the meat vs fake meat myths and beliefs. As a beef producer, I’d be lying if I said the thought of something #replacing #realbeef didn’t scared me to death. We make a living on people who enjoy a hamburger or steak. And with all of #hollywood and the sorts taking a stance against animal agriculture, debates on #climatechange, and the hype of a #plantbaseddiet, I would be foolish if I didn’t let it keep me up at night.

So this month we are unpacking all things FAKE MEAT. 100% the facts and looking at the #impossibleburger and #beyondbeef burger for what they are. If we strip the labels away and call a spade a spade, what exactly are we up against? Whether you are the beef producer or curious consumer, this episode is for you.

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